Bell County #1WCID

Bell County #1WCID –  Control System Upgrades To The 38th Street Plant and South Plant

  • RLC was asked to carry out a design and build contract on two Bell County sites:

This contract had two major parts: – Firstly, RLC were to convert the existing manually operated aeration basin system to be a fully automated operation. We designed and built a new main control panel, replaced 24 manually operated aeration valves with electrically operated fully modulating units, supplied and installed 8 D.O analyzers and incorporated the existing blowers onto the system. The new system was designed, installed and successfully commissioned in such a way that the blowers/valve combination operate to follow a set point D.O. without any operator intervention

The second part of the contract was to replace the existing copper RS 485 network with a Fiber Optic Ethernet network, and then to replace all the existing site IDEC PLC’s with Allen Bradley units and to upgrade any existing Allen Bradley PLC’s in such a way that they could reside on the newly installed Ethernet network. As a constituent part of the PLC upgrade, all existing IDEC OIT’s were replaced with Panel View touch screen OIT’s and the existing SCADA system was replaced and completely redeveloped using Allen Bradley proprietary SCADA  and Historian data logging software.  The full suite of Allen Bradley products were used on both of these projects.


RLC’s responsibility on this site was to upgrade the existing copper RS485 network to a Fiber Optic Ethernet network and to replace existing PLC’s, OIT’s and the SCADA system with Allen Bradley units, as per the second phase of the 38th Street plant above. The full suite of Allen Bradley products were used on both of these projects.

All the work had to be carried out without interrupting the operation at either site, which we achieved. The main contract was completed in October 2013 and was within our original price, without any change orders to the customer.