Rockett Special Utility District

Rockett Special Utility District – City of Waxahachie


The City of Waxahachie and Rockett Special Utility Districts joint new 20MGD membrane filter plant was constructed utilizing Modicon Unity capable Quantum and M340 CPUs. Water was received through butterfly valves located at TRWD Houston Hill pump station.  These valves are controlled by TRWD and monitored by Waxahachie.  Waxahachie uses a Freewave 900MHz Ethernet data transceiver to monitor data.  Water then enters Sokoll Treatment Plant. Plant PLC communications utilizes a double redundancy fiber optic ring.   PLCs have hot standby capability.  Plant PLCs communicate to various plant equipment in a variety of manners including, RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, ABDF1, and OPC.  The plant is ran continuously, but only staffed part time.  The plant is controlled and monitored via a redundant 4.9GHz microwave network allowing full control and monitoring.  Plant utilizes new technologies such as Ultraviolet Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection, hypochlorite generation, and membrane filtration. Purified water is then shared between city of Waxahachie and Rockett SUD.  RLC provided all instrumentation and SCADA for this project.